Green Bay Volleyball LIVES the story. We will make learning and growing better for the campers we seek to serve.
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Green Bay Volleyball services campers of all ages who are excited to learn with a growth mindset. We provide campers with a personalized experience and a safe learning environment. 


Green Bay Volleyball Mindset

  • We participate in game-like training and competitions for better transfer of learning.
  • We embrace drills that empower players to learn how to compete.
  • We stay big when things get tough.
  • We are “all in” with a growth mindset as it applies to learning.
  • We value process over outcome.
  • We believe skills are built, not born.
  • Effort and engagement is an important part of learning.
  • We take our goals seriously, but not personally.
  • Who we are is more important than what we do.

Growth Mindset & Feedback: Promoting a Safe Learning Environment On and Off the Court