Green Bay Volleyball LIVES the story. We will make learning and growing better for the campers we seek to serve.
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Registration for all Green Bay Volleyball Camps are currently on hold. It is important to us to offer a safe and positive camp experience, and we are working diligently to do so. We will continue to keep you updated as decisions are made.

For those who have already registered for camp(s), we are working on forming a refund policy in the unfortunate scenario of camps being cancelled. You are welcome to reach out if you have questions, but we ask you remain patient as we work to finalize our summer camp plans.

Green Bay Volleyball services campers of all ages who are excited to learn with a growth mindset. We provide campers with a personalized experience and a safe learning environment. 


Green Bay Volleyball Mindset

  • We participate in game-like training and competitions for better transfer of learning.
  • We embrace drills that empower players to learn how to compete.
  • We stay big when things get tough.
  • We are “all in” with a growth mindset as it applies to learning.
  • We value process over outcome.
  • We believe skills are built, not born.
  • Effort and engagement is an important part of learning.
  • We take our goals seriously, but not personally.
  • Who we are is more important than what we do.

Growth Mindset & Feedback: Promoting a Safe Learning Environment On and Off the Court